How a Leadership Development Firm Hired a Growth Marketing Manager For 3,000 per Month.

Jules facilitated a key hire for a client aiming to achieve exponential revenue gains driven by a data-driven digital marketing approach.
A leading organization dedicated to improving global leadership effectiveness sought a highly skilled Growth Marketing Manager to spearhead their digital initiatives. As fate would have it, a Colombian marketing professional with a proven track record in the field was prepared to embark on a remote work journey. Jules facilitated a seamless connection, resulting in a perfect match for both parties.

What does the client’s business do?

Our client is a company that provides leadership coaching services. Their mission is to measurably improve leadership effectiveness worldwide. 

This company has been perfecting their coaching process for over 30 years. 

They offer a variety of services including coaching, certification and resources, they accomplish this by setting goals, identifying areas for improvement, developing strategies and providing ongoing support and accountability. 

What were the requirements?

Key Requirements for this position:

  • 5+ Years Revenue-Driving Marketing: Proven ability to deliver measurable results and grow revenue through marketing initiatives.
  • Digital Marketing Expert: Proficiency in digital marketing tools & platforms with a data-driven approach to campaign optimization.
  • Strategic Leader: Develops and executes comprehensive marketing plans aligned with business goals.
  • Team Management: Experienced in managing and motivating a marketing team.
  • Focus on Results: Prioritizes data-driven strategies and measurable outcomes.

All this took us to Maria Claudia.

What were the responsibilities?

Maria Claudia since the beginning of the process, he stood out for being a person capable of carrying out all of the following responsibilities.

  • Digital Marketing Strategist: Develop, implement, and analyze a data-driven digital marketing plan focused on paid advertising, LinkedIn, podcasts, and content distribution.
  • Paid Ads Mastermind: Manage and optimize paid advertising campaigns across various platforms to maximize ROI and lead generation.
  • LinkedIn Lead Magnet: Leverage LinkedIn for targeted B2B marketing and networking activities to generate qualified leads.
  • Content Distribution Guru: Distribute content effectively across multiple channels to achieve maximum reach and audience engagement.

What was the candidate’s background?

She is a Colombian with extensive experience in the field.

For 3 years she worked as brand manager and growth manager in two companies based in Bogota. 

She also held the position of Marketing and Franchise Manager in a chain of Frozen Yogurt ice cream shops, with more than 70 points of sale nationwide.

Until she jumped into the world of remote work and that's when she contacted us. 

How did they find this candidate?

The company used Jules! We help US businesses find, hire, and pay top Latin American talent. 

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