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We save you time and money by finding top overseas talent for you.

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You can hire amazing full-time employees for $9,000 per year. That's not a typo.

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How Jules Works

Finding great employees overseas can be tough. We'll take the headache off your hands.
Describe the Role
We get to know you, your company, and the job you are looking to fill. Then we put together a job listing to start finding potential candidates for your specific role.
We Search & Vet
We search far and wide for the best talent that meets your goals. Then we run them through English assessments, the initial interview, behavioral and communication tests, and run reference checks on your behalf. After the candidates survive our gauntlet, we present the best 3 pre-vetted options for you to choose from.
Onboard with Confidence
After you select the best person for the job, we set you up for success with our battle-tested processes for remote onboarding, compliance, and payroll. Then you are off and running with your new favorite employee!

What to expect:

Amazing talent at an amazing price

What you'll never see:

Sorting through 100s of applications
Struggle to find good candidates
Pain of interviewing & firing
Inability to hire for roles
Unreliable freelancers
Expensive agencies

Take your business to the next level with delegation.

Executive assistant
Customer support
Blog post writing
Social media marketing
Lead generation
Inbox management
+much more!

So would you like to lower your costs 80%+?

We are ready when you are.
Money Back Guarantee
We will find you the right candidate or your money back
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Discover the top US-ready talent across the globe at a price your business can afford.
Hire & onboard with confidence. We will walk through each step.
Achieve a higher recruiting ROI. Save time and resources to focus on the important work.

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Why the Phillipines?

Filipino's have the perfect mix of everything you want in remote employees: English skills, a love for American culture, integrity, and depth of talent. They are already accustomed to working remotely. They may be across the globe, but you will be surprised how much you have in common with your new Filipino colleagues.

Can they work my timezone?

Filipino workers are typically happy to work American or European timezones. It is part of the culture over there now. Many restaurants and bars are open 24/7 because of this.

What roles can I hire for? 

All types of roles - customer service, executive assistant, sales, accounting, email marketing, lead generation, content writers, operations, social media marketing, and more!

How do I pay them? Any tax or visa issues?

When you're ready to make a hire, we'll connect you with one of our payroll partners and provide all the employment contract templates. Payment is fast and easy on both sides. You don't have to deal with any Filipino or American labor laws / taxes when hiring full-time contractors.

How does your pricing work?

We take an upfront deposit to start your search and weed out tire-kickers. Then after we successfully place a great person, you pay us our fee of 35% of the assumed first year's salary. We offer a 60-day guarantee and will help you make the placement successful.

An example hire may be something like $700/month which works out to $8,400/year. Your one-time payment would then be $2,940 and then you would never owe us again for that hire. Many other services upcharge on the monthly fee, but we prefer the alignment with a one-time fee. We want you coming back for 2nd, 5th , and 10th hires as well :)

Do I have to hire full-time?

We strongly recommend full-time if you can. Stability (full-time & long-term) is highly sought after in the Phillipines. And the top caliber candidates are only looking for full-time work.

You're also going to spend time training and getting them up to speed on your processes. It would be a waste to do that over and over again with new people all the time.

Do I have to hire for an individual role or can they handle multiple roles?

We recommend training them on one thing at a time.

For example, once they get up to speed on lead generation, you can add the next role writing blog posts or whatever you'd like. You can definitely overlap roles until you have enough work for multiple people.

How can they be 80% less?

The cost of living is much less there. Many of our employees are able to own homes, raise families, provide for their parents, and have in-home help of their own with their salaries.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you aren't happy with your hire in the first 60 days, we will work with you to conduct a second round of search for the same role for free.

How do I reach out if I have a question?

Just email us at hello@juleshq.com and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.