How an Inc 5000 Company Built a Sales Team in Latin America & Saved $400k Per Year

Kentech built out a high-performing sales and marketing team in Latin America
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Kentech is a leader in the US background investigation industry, offering services like drug testing, employment verification, and biometric fingerprint scanning. They have law enforcement, schools, and non-profits as clients. They reached out to Jules about hiring a few Sales Development Representives. They were so pleased with the hires that they hired ten more SDRs and marketing roles to support their team.

Candidates Hired: 13

Money Saved: $400,000 per year

Time Difference: 0-2 hours

The Challenge: Desire to Build a High-Performance Sales Team

Kentech is a fast-growing company that could never build its team quickly enough with high-caliber candidates. They needed more world-class teammates to keep up with growth but required help to fill positions in a shallow talent pool with high salaries.

Salaries are exceptionally high in major cities in the US. They would have to raise prices on customers substantially if they were to hire everyone locally. Kentech has hired overseas before, but they always struggled finding great talent and with the time zone and culture differences.

Kentech was excited at the prospect of finding quality talent closer to home with Jules.

The Solution: Jules' Scaled a Sales & Marketing Team

Kentech reached out to Jules to help because they had heard about affordable and talented salespeople in Argentina and Colombia. Jules specializes in the Latin American market and has a lot of experience placing top sales and marketing talent in fast-growing US-based service businesses.

Jules helped Kentech hire three Sales Development Representatives to start. They were so impressed with the quality they returned for more sales and marketing hires. These ranged from junior hires with a few years of experience to senior hires with many years of experience. By hiring in Latin America, Kentech was able to scale their sales team quickly and save almost half a million a year in salaries.

"Jules has an incredible and helpful staff. They truly are an amazing team!"
- Fallon Leclerc, HR Director of Kentech

Latin America Roles Hired:

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Media Buyer
  • Copywriter

The ROI: More Sales & Better Margins

Kentech's collaboration with Jules led to significant achievements:

  • Cost Savings: In the first year, Kentech saved over $400,000 a year in payroll by hiring in  Latin America compared to hiring in the US.
  • Time Savings: Kentech was able to scale up their sales team in months while saving years of HR and manager time.
  • Increased Sales: The new sales team delivered more sales and market reach. They reached a positive ROI on their whole team within months from new business.

Why Kentech Chose Jules

Kentech had hired overseas before, but was never satisfied with the results. The timezone and culture differences always became an issue overtime. Kentech was curious about hiring in Latin America for a similar timezone, but wanted an experienced partner to guide them through it.

Jules make it easy by screening candidates for experience, English level, and fit. Jules then delivered the top candidates for final screening by the internal HR team at Kentech.


Kentech’s experience with Jules demonstrates the potential of nearshore hiring to grow a business. For companies looking to expand their team, partnering with a staffing and recruiting firm like Jules could be a key step towards success.

Are you remote company looking to grow your team? Want to learn more about how other companies have hired in Latin America to scale high-performing teams? Reach out and we are happy to offer you a free consultation.


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