How a SAAS Agency Hired Two New SDR for Less Than 2,000 per Month.

Jules set out to find the client's perfect SDR match, but the results were even better! They discovered two top performers, and the client made the smart decision to hire them both.
When we started interviewing candidates for this position we ran into a problem, we had two excellent and promising candidates. Both highly qualified for the position, until our client considered hiring them both.

What does the client’s business do?

Our client's powerful AI-enhanced technology allows web teams to easily keep their websites error-free.

Our client understands that the website is the digital face of brands and it is critical to ensure that it is performing at its best. 

The service provided by our client goes beyond superficial inspections; it performs an in-depth analysis of the structure, content and performance of your website. 

What were the requirements?

The candidate they were searching for must had: 

  • Minimum of 1 year of successful experience in remote SaaS sales.
  • Strong English communication skills, written and verbal. Must be fluent and articulate.
  • Should be a person that stands out for being tenacious, persistent, and highly motivated to achieve and exceed sales targets.
  • Was highly motivated and capable of working independently in a fully remote environment.

When we started interviewing qualified people for this position we ran into problems, we had two excellent and promising candidates, Santiago and Lucio. 

What were the responsibilities?

The chosen candidate must take over this main responsibilities: 

  • Drive sales and manage customer relationships:  The candidate would be responsible for the entire sales cycle, from prospecting and lead generation to closing deals and building long-term partnerships with customers. His compelling product presentations and relationship management skills will be key to meeting and exceeding sales targets.
  • Strategic Growth and Market Insight: The talented would actively identify new sales opportunities while staying informed on competitor activity. His knowledge will contribute to data-driven decision making and drive our revenue growth.

What were the candidate’s background?

Santiago, an Argentinean, who worked for 3 years as a truck insurance broker for clients throughout the United States, his main task was to gather relevant information to provide a potential client with a quote for their commercial vehicle insurance that best fit their business profile. He also has a degree in Spanish-English translation. He has worked for several years as a translator and as an English teacher.

Lucio is also an Argentinean, who describes himself as a specialist with a strong customer service and sales orientation. He has a proven track record with B2B and B2C concepts and ten years of progressively evolving through a wide range of functions related to marketing and sales. He has also demonstrated his ability to combine ingenuity and great business acumen.

Both highly qualified for the position. And both at the end of the process, until our client considered hiring them both, and having them both trained at the same time. 

Our client is very satisfied with the decision they made. 

How did they find these candidates?

The company used Jules! We help US businesses find, hire, and pay top Latin American talent. 

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